TRAVEL: Caddo Lake, TX

Up until last year I had never been to Texas. I will admit that I never had a desire to visit the state and had no good reasoning behind that. We have a friend that moved to Dallas and we finally got down to visit him. It turns out we actually enjoyed ourselves!
Recently, my friend asked me to come visit him again and I was 100% on board. When I asked him what would be on our agenda, he suggested a day at Caddo Lake. One google search of images and I knew that I had to spend the night and bring my kayaks with me! Here’s my overnight trip to Caddo Lake.


Caddo Lake is a 25,400 acre lake and bayou on the border of Texas and Louisiana. Just take that number in, 25,400! That’s a BIG lake. I was told several times before I hit the water not to get lost. Once you’re out there, you realize why they say that. The calm waters and twisting trees are mesmerizing. It’s easy to get turned around.


With a lake that size there are going to be multiple places and types of accommodations to stay in. I went with a basic campsite at Caddo Lake State Park.
The campsites here can be reserved, but you don’t get to pick your exact spot. Spots are given out on a first come first served basis. The campsite I got was #65. If you can, try to get that one or the site next to it. I loved the spot I ended up with! I was right by the water with great view where I could directly load in my kayak. Camping is $10 a night and admittance into the park is only $4 a day.


One of the best parts about this campsite is the pond right next to it, Saw Mill Pond. Before I left, I was worried that it might be too small to keep my attention. surprisingly, this turned out to be my favorite part to paddle.  I went out right when I got there at 5pm and again when I woke up at 9am. I had the water to myself.  I took it nice an easy, letting the water drift me while I sat back watching the cranes and other wildlife.



You can rent a canoe from the campground when the weather is nice, but I recommend bringing your own to explore the lake at length.

After a morning at Saw Mill Pond my friend and I headed to Uncertain, TX to find lunch. It’s just a little ways down the road. On an off-season weekday your options are going to be limited. On this particular day we had one:. My favorite part was the complimentary crock of baked beans.


Right next to the restaurant is a boat dock where you can launch your kayak. There is a kayak launch fee of around $5.

In this section of the lake you’re not going to find any of the big old growth cyprus like you find at Saw Mill Pond, but it does have its charms. I loved the section straight across from the dock. It was a blanket of green. It looked like you could get out of your boat and walk on it. You could see frogs hoping along the top everywhere. The water here was just as peaceful as Saw Mill Pond, so we made sure not to go to far. We didn’t want to get lost. While you’re here I suggest trying to find a log of sunbathing turtles. We enjoyed seeing how close we could get before they jumped off.
Turtles don’t dive gracefully!


With the size of the lake and the amazing scenery, Caddo Lake is not to be missed.
Tell me if you plan on making a trip there. Or, if you’ve been, what’s your favorite part?

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