CRAFT: Camping Bingo with FREE printable

I love being out in nature.
I’m not talking about just sitting in your back yard and watching the world go buy.
Our lives as adults are busy and full and on most day a backyard can’t fully distract us from that.
No, I’m talking about being deep in the woods or in the middle of a desert.
I’m talking about the nature that engulfs you and lets you loose yourself.
The nature that lets you in and lets you see the little details of what makes nature so great.

When you’re deep in the woods on a hike by yourself you notice the inner workings of what makes the forest tick.
The curls in the fern, the small bug on a rock, the sound of the trees.
After walks like that I’m always left felling recharged and more appreciative of the things around me.

I love being out in nature with kids.
They don’t need the solitude of an entire forest to be amazed by something as simple as a cool looking rock or a butterfly floating by.
For them a backyard is filled with wonder and awe.
For them something like going camping is epic and a grand adventure.

For their next big adventure I’ve made up a Camping Vacation Bingo card that you can print out.
These bingo cards were tested out by my friend Lindsay and her 4 very entertaining kids.

First lesson learned:
If you are trying to get to a hiking trail hand out the Bingo cards AT THE TRAIL HEAD.
We didn’t get 10 feet before we started to stop and look for items.
Needless to say we didn’t make it to the trail this day but the kids still had fun exploring.
Make sure the kids fully understand the concept of Bingo before you head out.
Things like snails were getting marked off when we hadn’t seen a snail yet.
Their response:
“I’m just marking it for when I see one later.”
Way to think ahead little optimist!
We were happy to remind them as the walk went on how the game of Bingo works.


Bring along a sealable plastic bag or container. The kids might fall in love with a rock or feather. These can be used for crafts later!




Depending on the size of your group you could get away with having one Bingo card for the whole group. This would free up their hands and give them more time to explore.




I hope your group has as much fun exploring as we did!
To print these sheets out I chose card stock so it would be easier to write on.
The total cost for all 6 card stock Bingo sheets was $1.50 at a local printer.
If you print these out on normal paper just bring a notebook along as a hard surface to write on.

Download your own Bingo cards here:
bingocard1   bingocard2   bingocard3   bingocard4   bingocard5   bingocard6

About the images on the cards:
My graphic design friend Constance let me know about a website called
All the images that were used were from various designers on that website.
Time to give credit where credit is due:

Please share your Camping Bingo adventures!
I would love to see what you all find.

One thought on “CRAFT: Camping Bingo with FREE printable

  1. This is so much fun! Thank you for sharing! The kids are so happy in these photos! I’m glad you were there to help them look a little closer at the world around them and encourage their curiosity.

    Liked by 1 person

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