TRAVEL: London in one day

For a brief time my boyfriend lived abroad.
He was off teaching in France while I was stuck at home in Omaha, Nebraska.
Just not fair.
To make up for this unfairness I took a 6 week sabbatical from my job and we planned an epic adventure through Europe.
Our meet up point was London.
This was my first time out of the country and the first time that I had seen my boyfriend in 9 months. This made London and overwhelming but exciting experience.

To get the most out of our travels we prefer to walk the cities that we’re in.
You get a feel for a place when you’re walking it’s pavement and looking at it’s architecture from ground level. It also gives you time to stop and explore little places that catch your eye.
We followed a really great walking tour that can be found here:
We chose this one because it was close to our hotel and hit most of the big must see areas.

To start out, our hotel.
We stayed at the budget friendly hotel Easy Hotel Victoria . One thing we learned quick is that London isn’t cheap. This hotel was really super no frills but it was in a great walking location for everything that we wanted to see and do.
We realized that the room was going to be small but not this small:

Thanks to my GoPro we were able to capture the tiny room. To change clothes one of us had to stand on the bed so the other would have room. We found the whole thing very comical.

When we took off on our walk we just happened to walk by Buckingham Palace right before the changing of the guards. The crowd for this is pretty intense and you should get there early if you want a good view.
Here’s a picture of Travis in front of the gates:

We’re not ones for a crowd or standing in one place to wait for something to happen so we started walking. As we were walking we started to hear music. I have a strong belief that when you’re visiting somewhere and you hear music being played live you should follow it. So far I’ve always been entertained when I arrive at where the music is being played.
What we found was this:
We had front row seating to watch these guys wail out some amazing tunes. Somewhere out there I also have a video of me almost getting hit in the face by a trombone as they were leaving.
Even though we didn’t watch the actual changing of the guard we feel like we got an experience that not everyone gets. This was unique and it was really fun to hear the tunes that they decided to play.

London has some beautiful garden ands parks. Take some time to explore them and see the city from a different point of view.






Our walk took us by your typical tourist sights, The Tower Bridge, Big Ben, & The London Eye.







I’m a foodie so markets and food is a driving force of any trip I take.
A stop at Borough Market was a must for me.





The Pimm’s was in fact “jolly good”. I still think about delicious it was.

We also made a stop into Harrods.
If you’ve never been just go to look. Coming from a retail job I was pretty darn impressed from the displays and attention to detail. It felt way too rich of a place for me to be in but I enjoyed the scenery all the same.


One final thing I suggest is going to these little green boxes to grab some food.

I ordered a very cheap and very filling Breakfast Stick.
These “Green Cabbie Huts” have a pretty great history and serve up some hot and affordable food.
Read a little more about them here:

So there you have it, London in a day.
Take a walk and see the sights.

What would be at the top of your list if you only had 1 day in London?

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