TRAVEL: Iceland, Festival Of The Sea

There’s nothing like visiting a place while there’s a local festival going on to really get a feel for the people and the atmosphere of a location.
One of my favorite festival experiences was visiting Iceland during the annual Festival Of The Sea.
As you may know Iceland is all about fishing. During this festival ALL the fisherman come ashore and celebrate everything fishing.
The festival happens the first Sunday of every June in the town of Reykjavik.

Here’s a look at just a few of the things we experienced while we were there.

There are strong man(and woman) contest:
There was a fun collection on display of creepy creatures from the sea:
My boyfriends face accurately describes our reaction to some of the fish:
There was a very cool playground set up from repurposed items:


We took a tour of a coast guard ship:
We even got to meet it’s captain who told all sorts of amazing stories:
The museum was open to look through and visit the history of the area:
There were even interactive exhibits that made for great photo opportunities:
There were samples everywhere and we got to try some amazing fresh chowder:
If you go make sure to check out the live performances! One group was a kids band and the other was an all lady hip hop group. We had no idea what they were saying but it was still great music:


They were offering boat rides around the bay:
We also made time to stroll around the town and found our way to the opera house. Make sure to stop inside. Just like anything else in Iceland it had an amazing other wordly feel to it:


The best part?
The cost of all of this was FREE!
Yes, free.
We spent an entire day celebrating how the locals do, eating what the locals eat, listening to local music, and honoring the local fisherman, all for $0.
We enjoyed our time here so much that we’re planning another trip back as soon as we can.

Learn more about Iceland’s many events here:

What’s at the top of your “to-do” list when you visit Iceland?
Leave your comment below!




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