FOOD: Apple Pie Bourbon

Apple Pie Bourbon


Just in time for the holidays I’m bringing you an Apple Pie Infused Bourbon.
Infusing alcohol is about as simple as it can get:

Step 1:choose your alcohol
Step 2:choose you flavoring ingredients
Step 3:put your flavoring ingredients into alcohol
Step 4:wait
Step 5:strain
Step 6:DRINK

Simple right? Anyone can do this! So instead of bringing the apple pie to Thanksgiving dinner bring the apple pie infused bourbon and add a little holiday cheer to the table.

Things to keep in mind when you’re infusing your alcohol:
Know your base liquor! Try it before hand  and think about what flavors will work best. Something that’s amazing in a vodka might get lost in the flavor of a whisky.
Grab a good quality alcohol to infuse but not a $80 bottle. You don’t want top shelf because it’s so great on it’s own and you don’t want bottom shelf because you just can’t mask bad booze no matter how hard you try.
Work with flavors that you are going to love. Everyone’s taste buds are different. I personally love gin and adding extra cucumber and fruits to it. I’m not too fond of spicy items so something with jalapenos would most likely just sit on my shelf after I made it.

Grab some items and let’s get started!

Things you’ll need for this:
*A jar that is wide enough to remove the items being infused. Pick a jar that will seal tight.
*Something to peel and cut the apple.
*A zester for the lemon.
*A strainer and possibly a cheesecloth or towel.

Here’s the recipe:
1 bottle of Bulleit Bourbon
4 apples, I chose Honeycrisp but you can play around with different flavors!
8 cinnamon sticks
1 vanilla bean
2 lemons, zest only

Start with a clean bottle.
Peel, core, and dice your apples. Add them to the jar.
Add cinnamon sticks
Cut vanilla bean lengthwise and add to jar.
Zest lemons and add to jar.
Add the bourbon and make sure all ingredients are covered.

Keep your infusion in a cool dark place. I keep mine on a counter out of direct sunlight. Putting your items in the fridge can stunt the flavors from infusing.
Once a day give your mixture a little shake and taste. This is the best part, you control the flavors by how long you let them sit.
Some flavors can get too strong too quickly. I removed the cinnamon sticks after 2 days. I removed everything else after 4.
Strain your finished mixture through a cheesecloth to make sure all little particles are removed.
Keep your infusion in a air tight jar. When I’ve infused something with fruit I like to keep that mixture in the fridge.
Now go experiment with cocktails!

This is a drink that I made for a group and they all asked for seconds.

1 part apple pie bourbon
3 parts chilled apple cider
Rim a glass with cinnamon sugar
Shake bourbon & cider and pour over ice

This drink would also be AWESOME warm!

Happy holidays everyone. Go make some booze and make the world a more jolly place.


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