TRAVEL: City Museum, St. Louis

We discovered the City Museum in St. Louis 5 or 6 years ago and it quickly became one of our favorite places to visit.
Since first discovering it we have been back multiple times bringing with us friends and family to share in this magical land of oddities.

The City Museum isn’t your typical museum.
It’s a modge podge of imagination, rescued items, & sculpture.
It’s filled with real airplanes, ball pits, a circus, and secret tunnels.
You can easily spend an entire day in this place!


Admission is $12 7 days a week
Friday and Saturday after 5pm admission is only $10



There are added attractions that cost extra.
Access to the roof that has a giant slide, a massive praying mantis, and a ferris wheel is $5.
The world aquarium is $7.95 and has tunnels where you can crawl through fish tanks along with live sloths and aligators.


Pro tip:
Bring knee pads with you or purchase them from the gift shop.
It sounds silly but you will want to climb in the tunnels and your knees will thank you later for the extra cushioning.



The city museum is open late at night on Friday and Saturdays.
You get to explore tunnels with flashlights & see the city lights from the roof top.
If you like to enjoy a cold adult beverage make sure to stop and grab a beer at the bar inside the museum and then go play some more.


One of my favorite areas is the vintage arcade games. I love pinball and you can find a fun assortment of classic games in this area.



No matter your age or the distance to get here add the CIty Museum to your list of “must see” places in the world.
You’ll feel like a kid again and have memories to last a lifetime!

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