FOOD: Bomb Burgers

In our house these are known as:
“Bomb Ass Burgers”
All my boyfriend has to do is say he wants those for dinner and I know what he’s talking about.

These burgers couldn’t be more simple.
I let my local Whole Foods do 80% of the work for me.
For us this burger was all about finding the right combination of ready to cook flavors.

So here’s what goes on our “Bomb Ass Burgers”

*Challah Buns
These beauties were pulled fresh out of the oven!


*Ultimate Beef Burgers
I haven’t figured out a pretty way to take pictures of meat in the meat case.
These are an all around well seasoned meat, just cook it up and you’re good to go!


*Black Forest Bacon
The king of bacon in our house! Sweet, thick, and perfect for a burger.
My Whole Foods also does in store made bacon that shouldn’t be missed.

*Heirloom Tomatoes
I love the color variety and taste of a good heirloom tomato!
My favorite ones are the big multi colored guys.

*Sicilian Jack Cheese
This is my favorite snacking cheese. It’s almost like snacking on pizza flavored cheese.
Try pairing it with your favorite cracker and salami.


So there you have it, the makings of our favorite at home burger!

What is your favorite burger to make at home?

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