CRAFT: $5 Suitcase Display

A few times each year I do craft shows with my business Bomb de Fleur.
I’m always looking for fun ways to display my product using repurposed items.
This project is simple, involves little tools, and was VERY inexpensive.
On top of all of that I always get a compliment on it at a show.
So here we go! $5 suitcase display.

Start with heading out on a day of thrifting and find yourself a beat up suitcase that could use some love.
I found this suitcase for only $1.99:

The inside of this was stained probably from water damage. I decided to keep it as is because my product would be covering most of the back of the suitcase.

Now get your supplies needed:
I found mine at Hobby Lobby for $.29 a piece
These were right next to the dowels and had a nice flat back and were only $1.99. Make sure you are getting a size where the dowel will fit into the wheel.
I always have this on hand so I didn’t include it into the price. You can use any heavy duty glue. E6000 runs around $3.99 a tube.


I love my Dremel tool and use it for all sorts of projects. It came in handy for this one.
To cut the rod I used one of my heavy duty cut off wheels.
Measure the length you need your rod to be and make a simple quick cut. Remember that you will also be adding on wheels to the end so you will need to cut slightly shorter than you measured.

Next, attach a wheel to each end of your rod.
Before you place glue on the end and attach it into your suitcase make sure you cut your rod to the right size.
Place a generous amount of glue onto each end of the rod.
To place it into the suitcase I found that most suitcases will let you pull on the side slightly to give you some room to slide the dowel rod into position.
Hold the rod into position for just a few moments while the glue starts to tack up.

This particular suitcase had a section of fabric that wanted to pull away from the side.
I also added E6000 under the fabric and then clamped it into place to let it dry.

We’re done!
Pretty darn simple right?!
The sky is the limit now. You can customize the rods any way that you like now.
I chose 1 on the left for necklaces and 4 on the right for earrings.
What will you hang in your suitcase display?


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