TRAVEL: Platte River State Park

Last summer I ventured out onto a solo camping trip with my trusty dogs.
For me this required some planning.
I’m a planner. I like to research locations. I like to research prices. I was spoiled with growing up camping in wide open Wyoming.
After all my looking for spots not super far away from Omaha, Nebraska I settled on:
Platte River State Park

Platte River State Park is a 30 minute drive from the Omaha metro.
There are no tent camping spots but they do offer modern cabins and my pick TEEPEES!!
To rent a teepee is only $20 per night. This is the same price if not cheaper than some tent camping reservations.
Due to bringing my dogs I chose to bring my tent with me to set up inside the teepee.
We learned the hard way one night camping that our dachshund will run off into the night after any sound. She must be contained!


This is a very maintained camp ground. There’s a shop that sells ice cream, paddle boats to rent, a pool to swim at, and playgrounds to play at.


When you arrive there are carts there waiting for you to haul your items to your teepee.
My little Talula hitched a ride.

We left camp and walked some of the trails to a small little waterfall.
I noticed a ton of families on the trail and this would be a great adventure for little ones. The walk isn’t long and it’s pretty cool to end up at a waterfall that you can walk right up to.

As far as the tepees village goes there is a group of 4.
In my opinion teepee #4 is the best with little to no foot traffic.
Teepee #1 sat at the intersection of two trails so if it’s a busy day you would have people in your campsite on a nearly constant basis.

If you do go with dogs make sure to check them and yourself for ticks!
I got away without any but one found its way into my St. Bernard’s ear.

This is a great getaway that’s close to town.
It’s fun for the family and fun for your furry friends.
Make sure to not miss out on this great location to camp!

Learn more here:

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