CRAFT:Flower Bombs

This craft goes hand in hand with my last one about picking and pressing flowers.
I’m all about giving back when I can and this is a fun easy way to help put back what you picked.

Heads up before you start. This a tedious and messy craft!

Things I used:
*old paper, to do lists, paper grocery bags, nothing waxy or shiny
*water and a container to soak your paper in over night
*a blender or immersion blender

Lets get started.
Start by shredding your paper and adding it to a container of some sort. I never use this pan so it did the job beautifully.

Now cover your paper in water and let it sit over night.


Now we’re going to blend our paper to a pulp. In other tutorials I’ve read it advises to use a blender you’re not very fond of. The blending of the paper can be hard on your blades. I used a cheap single serving blender and worked in small batches.

Now add some seeds to your pulp and mix them in.


Next grab a handful of your mixture and place it your towel. Squeeze out most of the liquid. I like to leave a little moisture in there to help me shape it into a ball.


Shape your seed bombs how you wish. You can use a mold to get a fun shape but I’m going with a standard ball this time.
Place your seed bomb on a dehydrator and let them dry for a few hours. This is going to help the seeds survive until they are ready to be thrown.


I kept one seed out after they were dried and placed it in some dirt on my windowsill. I covered it for a week to make sure these would sprout.   




These have been a really popular option lately as party favors. I think it’s a great idea and inexpensive to do.
Go spread some flowers around the world!

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