TRAVEL: Marseille, France

My time in Marseille was short, but the memory of it has stayed with me long after the trip was done.
Everything there was a calming shade of blue.
The sky was a bright blue.
The water was a mixture of so many different brilliant shades of blue.
The beach glass we found was even blue.

My boyfriend and I filled our short time there to the fullest.
We saw Château d’If, one of the settings in Alexandre Dumas’ novel The Count of Monte Cristo.
We sat and relaxed with our feet kicked up.
We watched an old man fish.
My boyfriend even borrowed a board and skated the local park. skate

None of that compared to this:


This section of Marseille blew me away.
There was something about watching the boats glide through the water below the rocky cliffs we stood on.
There was something about the wind, which I usually hate, cooling the air.
There was something about the contrast of the rocks and the water and the sky.
I was smitten.

This area of Marseille is called Les Goudes.

To get to this here you had to drive through a quaint little neighborhood with narrow one lane streets.

After you park your car you can venture up a hill to the left and take in the view or head left to a picturesque restaurant.

We were on a tight travel budget so we stayed left and enjoyed the priceless view.



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