CRAFT: Pressed Flowers

Years ago someone gave me a 4 leaf clover, the same one in the photo, and told me to “keep it forever”.
I know myself and know that if I didn’t learn how to press it then I would lose it or break it.
I taught myself how to press flowers and use them in jewelry making and that was the start of my ETSY shop, Bomb de Fleur.

Today I want to show you how easy it is to press flowers when you’re on the road.

At my house we travel a lot but we’re not huge on souvenirs.
One of my favorite things to bring back with me is little flowers from the places that I visit. I then turn those flowers into keepsake memories that I can wear and pass down some day.

Pressing a flower when you’re on a trip doesn’t have to involve a bulky flower press.
All you need are two simple things:

*Something to put the flowers between like toilet paper or a paper towel. Make sure there’s enough to fold over on top of your flowers.
*Something to protect the flowers while they press, this can be a book or a travel journal

I usually grab some toilet paper from my hotel and carry it with me.
Grab your toilet paper (or paper towel) and the flowers or leaves you selected.

Place flowers on paper and fold the paper over the flowers.
Apply some pressure to the flowers. Some moisture will be released from the flowers and help it stay in place.

You can lift the paper up to see if pressed ok.
I like to fold up the corner of the paper now. Make a burrito of pressed flowers. I just like to know that the flowers won’t be falling out any time soon. Make sure you don’t fold the flowers when you do this just the unused ends of the paper.
Tuck your flower burrito into a book. When I was in Europe I kept a  travel journal for ticket stubs and other keepsakes in my backpack. This is where I kept my flowers.


My pressed flowers are under that ticket on the left.

These are my flowers that I picked on a visit to Chamonix, France:

And the necklace that I made with one of the flowers when I got back:


Now I think of the mountains and what an amazing day that I had every time I wear this necklace!


For more inspiration I started a Pinterest board of “Pressed Flower Ideas”
Take your flowers to the next level and make ornaments, book marks, wind chimes, or art for your wall.

Happy Crafting!

Quick Tips:
*sometimes I pinch the flowers between my fingers to help them lay flat
*thicker paper works better, something like tissue for your nose is too soft and the flowers will stick to it more
*any chance you get weigh down your pressed flowers, place your back pack on your book when you’re in the car, place it under a piece of furniture in your hotel, sit on it, this will help the plant you pressed dry better

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