FOOD: Fake Fried Ice cream

 A co-worker once gave me this idea for one of my kids cooking classes. Since then I always incorporate it into any fiesta theme party that I do. This is a simple recipe that kids have an easy time helping with.

It can get a little messy so have a wet dishcloth ready to wipe off any sticky hands!

What you need:

*Ice cream in the flavor of your choosing

*Cinnamon Square Cereal, I like using Three Sisters brand

*a Ziploc bag

*toppings of your choice, chocolate, whip cream, caramel, fruit

Let’s get started!

When working with kids I often use a Ziploc bags as tools. I’ve found that kids LOVE to smash and this is a great way to get them involved with cutting down a little of the mess.

*Open the Ziploc bag and have the kids (or yourself) add in some of the cereal.
Close up the bag and let the kids go wild. I always remind them they can’t get too crazy or it will pop the bag and then there will be no ice cream. Yeah, I put the threat out there of ice cream disappearing, it works 😉 !
You want the smashed up bits to be very fine.
You can also cheat and zip the cereal real quick in a food processor.


*Empty finely smashed bits onto a plate and spread them out.

*Make balls of ice cream.
This part can get pretty messy. I have the luxury at work of wearing plastic gloves when I roll the ice cream into a ball. You can go that route or just decide “why the heck not” and roll them in your hands (and then lick of the ice cream, I won’t tell)

*Roll the ice cream ball in your cereal crumbs. Sometimes you have to press down a little to make this work.
I consider that my workout for the day.


*Time for toppings!!
Add any toppings that your heart desires.
I threw a few finished ice cream balls into a sundae cup with raspberries, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream.



Quick Tips:

You can make this healthy and vegan!

*Use banana “nice cream” instead of ice cream
*melt down vegan, no sugar added, chocolate chips
*load it up with fresh fruit



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