TRAVEL: The Omaha Zoo


You don’t always have to travel far to have an adventure. Sometimes the adventures are right in your own back yard.
I moved to Omaha from Wyoming 7 years ago. Instantly my favorite part of Omaha was the zoo. This zoo has been voted the “best zoo in the world” and for good reason.


Here’s a few of my favorite things about the zoo:

  • In the winter no one is there. We went on a snow day and literally we were the only people at the zoo for a good 2 hours. Take advantage of the fact that the animals are usually more interactive during this time.
  • With my membership I can bring a friend with me. Any friend. I like that I’m not locked into it only being my boyfriend and I on the membership. If I have friends come to town I can take them or if a friend and I need a free day of fun we can go together.

  • The zoo provides campouts. These are a really great time! My boyfriend and I camped out on the jungle floor. We were the only couple there without kids and still had an amazing experience. You get to campout over night, get a behind the scenes experience, and zoo admission the next day is included.

  • You can get a pretty solid workout. The zoo is large and there’s a few pretty serious hills. The zoo is a great location if you’re looking to get out of the house, get some exercise, and see some rad things while you’re at it. Throw on a pedometer and challenge yourself to see how far you can walk each time you visit.
  • I can bring a picnic. This is one of our favorite activities in the summer time. We will pack in a lunch and find a shaded spot to sit and relax. People watching while we eat is almost more fun then animal watching!


Find more information and plan your next visit here:

Quick Facts:

Spring and Fall Zoo Admission:
March 14 – May 14; September 15 – October 31

Adults (ages 12 and over): $15.95
Children (ages 3-11): $10.95
Seniors (65 and over): $14.95
Children (2 and under): FREE
Military Adult (12 and over): $14.95
Military Child (3-11): $9.95

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